Blogger's Content Policy

Blogger is a free service for self-expression and communication. We believe Blogger will increase the availability of information, encourage healthy debate, and create new connections between people. We believe this content moderation is against a service that relies on free speech.

However, in order to uphold these values, we need to limit abuses that threaten our ability to provide this service and the freedom of expression it promotes. Therefore, there are some limits on the type of content hosted by Blogger. The limits we have identified are those that comply with both legal requirements and are intended to improve service in general.

We rely on blog readers to report content they deem to be inconsistent with the Blogger Community Guidelines. If you come across a post that you believe violates our Community Guidelines, please report it to us using the 'Report' link in the navigation section of most blogs. If you can't find this link on the blog, you can still report suspicious violations here...

Community Principles

Our community guidelines play an important role in making this open site a safe place to be creative. Please adhere to these guidelines. We may update our policies from time to time, so please check back here. Please note that when applying the policies below, we may make exceptions based on artistic, educational, documentary or scientific considerations, or if there are other significant public benefits. them from not processing the content.

Mature Content: We allow adult content on Blogger, including images or videos containing nudity or sexual activity. If your blog contains adult content, please mark it as 'adult' in your Blogger settings. We may also mark blogs with adult content if the owner has not bookmarked it. Any blogs marked as 'adult' will be placed behind an 'adult content' warning interstitial. If your blog has an adult content warning interstitial, please don't try to bypass or disable the interstitial - the interstitial is for everyone's protection.
There are a few exceptions to our adult content policy:
  • Do not use Blogger as a tool to monetize adult content. For example, do not create blogs that contain advertisements or links to commercial pornographic websites.
  • We do not allow illegal pornography, including images, videos, or written content that depicts or promotes rape, incest, sex with animals, and cadaver mortem.
  • Do not post or distribute personal nudity, intimate and sexual images or videos that are obscene or non-obscene without the subject's consent. If someone has posted personally nudity, intimate and sexually explicit images or videos about you, please report it to us.
Child sexual exploitation and abuse: Do not create, upload, or distribute content that exploits or abuses children. This rule applies to all child sexual abuse content. To report potentially exploitative child content appearing on Google properties, click Report Violation. If you find content elsewhere on the Internet, contact the authorities in your country directly.

More broadly, we prohibit the use of Google products to endanger children. This includes, but is not limited to, abusive behavior directed at children, such as:
  • "Children's enticement" (e.g., befriending a child online in order to conspire to have sexual contact and/or exchange sexually explicit images with the child online or in real life);
  • "Sexual blackmail content" (for example, threatening or blackmailing a child for having access to or presumed access to private images of that child);
  • Sexualization of minors (e.g. images that depict, encourage or incite sexual abuse of children, or content that depicts children in a way that may lead to sexual exploitation of children) children);
  • Trafficking in children (e.g. advertising or soliciting children for commercial sexual exploitation).
We will remove such content and take appropriate action, which may include reporting to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, restricting access to product features and deactivate the account. Tell the police immediately if you think a child is in danger or has been abused, exploited or is a victim of child trafficking.

Dangerous and Illegal Activities: This product may not be used to engage in illegal activities or to promote activities, goods, services or information that cause serious or immediate harm to people. or animals. While we allow general use of this content for educational, documentary, scientific, or artistic purposes, we prohibit its use if such content directly harms or encourages activity. illegal action. We will take appropriate action if we receive notice of illegal activities, including reporting you to the authorities.

Harassment, bullying and intimidation: Do not harass, bully or threaten others. We also do not permit the use of this product to solicit or incite others to participate in these activities. This includes personally targeting someone to commit acts of violence, threatening to cause serious injury to another person, sexualizing others in an unwanted manner, disclosing personally identifiable information that may be used by others. to intimidate others, disparage or belittle victims of violence or tragedy, incite others to commit the above acts, or harass others in other ways. Please note that in many places, cyber harassment is illegal and can have serious real-life consequences for both the harasser and the victim.

Hate Speech: Do not engage in hate speech. Hate speech is content that promotes or condones violence against or is intended to incite hatred against an individual or group of people because of race or ethnic, religious, disability, age, nationality, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or other characteristics associated with systematic discrimination or contempt.

Impersonation and misrepresentation of identity: Do not impersonate an individual or organization or give false information about yourself. This includes impersonating any person or entity that you do not represent or providing misleading information about your identity/identification, qualifications/certificates, ownership, purposes , product, service or business of a user/website. This includes misinformation or inaccurate accounts or concealment of ownership/main purpose, such as misrepresenting or intentionally concealing national origin or details. think differently about yourself when directing content related to politics, social issues, or issues of public interest to users in a country other than your own. We still allow parody content,

Malware and Similar Malicious Content: Do not distribute malware or any content that harms or interferes with the operation of the end-user's network, server, device, or facility. other infrastructure. This includes the direct hosting, embedding, or distribution of malicious software, viruses, destructive code, malicious or other unwanted software, or similar content. This includes content that spreads viruses, creates pop-ups, attempts to install software without the user's consent, or affects users with malicious code. You can see our Safe Browsing Policy for more information.

Misleading Content: Do not distribute content that is deceptive, misleading, or misleading to users. This content includes:
  • Content that is misleading in relation to civil and democratic processes: Content that is false and can significantly reduce participation in or trust in civil or democratic processes. This includes information about the public voting process, political candidate status based on age/birthplace, election results, or census participation that conflicts with official records. government consciousness. This also includes inaccurate statements regarding a political figure or government official's death, accident, or sudden illness.
  • Misleading health-related content : Content that is medically or health-promoting, intended to mobilize or encourage people to engage in activities that could seriously harm their bodies. physical or mental harm to individuals or serious harm to public health.
  • Distorted media content : Media content that has been technically manipulated or altered in a way that misleads users and could cause serious harm.
You may be allowed to use misleading content in an educational, documentary, scientific, or artistic context, but be sure to provide enough information to help people understand the context. In some cases, we will not allow this content to exist on our platforms, regardless of the context.
Non-consensual Pornography (NCEI): No personal nudity, images or videos that depict intimate or sexually explicit scenes may not be stored or distributed without the consent of the user. subject. If someone sends you personally nude photos, images or videos depicting sexual or non-sexual scenes about you, please notify us here.

Personal Information and Confidential Information: Do not store or distribute personal information or confidential information of others without permission. This includes sensitive information such as Social Security numbers in the United States, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, signature images, and personal health documents. In most cases, if this information is publicly available elsewhere on the Internet or in a public record, such as an ID/ID number on a government website, we usually no remedial measures are applied.

Scam: Do not use this product to cheat. This behavior includes requesting or collecting sensitive data, such as passwords, financial information, and social security numbers.

Regulated goods and services: Do not sell, advertise, or promote the sale of regulated goods and services. Regulated goods and services include alcohol, gambling games, pharmaceuticals, unapproved supplements, tobacco, fireworks, weapons, or medical/healthcare equipment.

Unsolicited Content: Unsolicited content may not be sent. This provision applies to unwanted promotional or commercial content, unwanted content generated by an automated program, unwanted content repeated over and over, meaningless content, or any other Which content seems to be intended for large-scale solicitation.

Terrorist Activities: Terrorist organizations are not allowed to use this product for any purpose, including recruiting members. We will also take action against users who create terrorist-related content, such as promoting terrorist acts, inciting violence or glorifying terrorist attacks. If you host or distribute terrorism-related content for educational, scientific, artistic, or documentary purposes, be sure to provide enough information for viewers to understand the context.

Unauthorized images of minors: Images of minors may not be stored or distributed without the express permission of their parents, guardians or legal representatives. If someone stores or distributes an image of a minor without consent, please report the image to us.

Violent and gory content:Violent or gory content involving real-life people or animals may not be stored or distributed with the intention of creating images that are shocking, sensational, or gratuitously violent. This includes extreme visuals, such as amputations or close-ups of dismembered corpses, and objectionable visuals, such as content with a lot of gore . You may be allowed to use violent and gory content in an educational, documentary, scientific, or artistic context, but be sure to provide enough information to help people understand the context. In some cases, if content is too violent or shocking, we won't allow it to exist on our platforms, regardless of context. Finally, do not encourage others to commit some acts of violence.

Copyright: It is our policy to respond to explicit notices of copyright infringement. You can find more information about our copyright-related processes here. Also, please do not provide links to sites where readers may illegally download other people's content.

Enforce Blogger's Content Policy

Please report suspected Community Guidelines violations using the 'Report' link in the navigation of most blogs or by clicking here.

When something is reported, we don't automatically remove it. Reported content will be reviewed by our team to verify if it violates those Community Guidelines. If the blog does not violate our guidelines, we will not take action against the blog or the blog owner. If we find a blog in violation of our community guidelines, we will take one or more of the following actions based on the severity of the violation:
  • Place that blog or post after an interstitial that warns about sensitive content
  • Remove the post or just show the post with the author of that blog
  • Remove blogs, posts or offensive content
  • Disable author's access to their Blogger account
  • Disable author's access to their Google Account
  • Report users to law enforcement
We may also take any of the above actions if we find that a user has created multiple blogs with repeated abusive behavior. If you already have a disabled blog, do not create an alternative blog that engages in the same activity.