The Verge: 6 Elden Ring highlights, drawn from a demo seen by only a few people

Elden Ring is a collaboration between two writers specializing in fantasy stories, George RR Martin - the author of the hit series A Song of Ice and Fire, and creative director Hidetaka Miyazaki - the father of the Dark Souls series. in particular and the Souls-like series in general. Gamers first confirmed the existence of Elden Ring in 2019, but it was not until June that the community saw the second video related to the game.

The new product marks the turning point of the game produced by FromSoftware, when the game is engaged in an open world design with many advantages but also full of risks. Last week, the first major press has had a demo suggests mechanisms play Elden Ring was, and reporter Andrew Webster worked at The Verge have been fortunate to contemplate early Elden Ring, then there is Interview with producer Yasuhiro Kitao.

Here are six things he noticed.
Big world

For the first time, FromSoftware makes an open world game. The land called The Lands Between in the Elden Ring is diverse with snowfields, old forests, and vast castles. This is both a great challenge and an opportunity for FromSoftware to do new things.

“ When we first started, we knew we wanted to create a large world, with interconnected dungeons, that kind of structure, ” says producer Kitao. “ But we thought the surface world would be boring, just there to connect dungeons. While doing this, we just learned that the Lands Between will need more characters, need to be taller, need a more sophisticated design. We ended up hand-crafting a lot of the elements, and trying to make the world as interesting as possible for you to explore .”

Moving between places will not create a feeling of fatigue

One of the minus points of open world games lies in … the open world. However, developers still find creative ways to move gamers to reduce boredom. Kitao commented as follows:

When we built the open world, we realized that we needed to relieve the inhibitions of gamers as much as possible, when the distance between the locations was so far. We still keep the body loss mechanism like in previous games, but don't want to run too far to pick up the body that makes players tired. What we did is, in an area full of challenges, we scattered retries - this is still the name of the test - so that if the player finds them, they get to choose whether to respawn here or not. revive at the previously saved memory point.

And yet, by expanding the map, players can instantly travel to memory points, as long as they are not standing in a dungeon. This reduces the worry for gamers, that they will have to run very far to get to the old place. Of course we know the world is huge, so we included a lot of interesting things to explore and remarkable encounters. We're in the final stages of fine-tuning the game, to find the right hit rate as you adventure around the world.

You will have a ghost horse to ride
Ui Nhan, the protagonist of Elden Ring controlled by gamers, will have a Soul Code to move quickly. It can follow you into the battlefield, and like many other blockbusters like The Witcher 3 or Shadow of the Colossus, players can increase the bond between humans and horses throughout the game.

“ We hope that gamers can connect with Ma Hoon,” said Kitao. “ This is a unique creature that only players have. You cannot choose another horse. You can interact with the horse, for example feeding it to heal and other similar actions ”.

George RR Martin laid the foundation, FromSoftware built the castle

Although they work on the same project, the famous fantasy author and the hit game studio don't work side by side. Mr. Martin sketched and wrote down the history of the world, then gave it to the studio for them to continue to develop.
George RR Martin provides the anecdote that made the game, events that took place years before the game began, events that shaped the world and characters into what it is today. We think these anecdotes greatly influence the way we write stories. The good Mr. George RR Martin gave us full control of the content, and director Miyazaki enjoyed playing with the anecdotes.

The development team feels this is an inspiring collaboration. When George RR Martin said ' Okay, here's the anecdote, you can do anything ', Miyazaki just kept doing it. Miyazaki took the liberty of adding and creating characters based on those anecdotes. He really enjoyed having the script as the backbone of the whole story.

FromSoftware's storytelling is a bit different

In previous FromSoftware products, players had to self-sequence the plot with details scattered around the world. Elden Ring is a bit different.

"We've always wanted to make games that are accessible and have interesting storylines, but players are always going to delve into what's already there, and get caught up in the story ," Kitao said. “ This time, players have more drive, more ambition, and big goals wrapped up in this fantasy world. We feel that [Elden Ring] is different from previous games [...] the player as 'Unclean' returns to find the power of the Elden ring, to uncover its mystery. The foreplay is simple but helps the plot progress well .”

The monster still retains its inherent hideousness

Elden Ring will still be like its predecessors, full of famous monsters. In the short demo, The Verge reporter witnessed giant dragons, troll monsters like stepping out of Attack on Titan, unusually long snakes, and a boss that looked like a mixture of countless corpses. According to Kitao, the variety and creativity in monster design is a big part of the game development process.
It usually happens that here, Miyazaki will provide some keywords that describe the creature he wants, and he will pass it on to the design team. I don't draw first, but let the design team do whatever they want. This is not only true for monster design, but also in basically every game making process, such as weapon, costume, and character design. It's been a long process, but we think the end result brings together enough beauty from each artist and creates something no one has ever seen.

For example, the team of demigods, the bosses of the game. Keyword describes them as " old heroes of The Lands Between ". So we wanted to make them look heroic and majestic.

Whenever we discuss designs, we try to convene both the game design team and the planning team. Everyone can always see how the designs come into being and how they are applied to the game. We try to give the entire development team access to everything from the start.
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