Join now a series of jubilant events to celebrate Blade & Soul's 4th birthday

The opening in this series of birthday events is 4 Million wishes taking place from August 25 to September 20. During the event period, players all over the server must collect 4 million wishes by completing tasks in 3 Wishes: Classic Wishes, Brave Wishes, and Chivalry Wishes. Then, to exchange for attractive gifts, gamers send the collected wishes at the Redeem button. Each time you send a wish, you will lose 10 existing wishes but get 1 valuable gift from Blade & Soul. When the whole server has collected 4 million wishes, all players who have sent 600 wishes will receive a huge gift from World Rewards with many valuable items such as: Meteorite Exploration, Meteor Ascension, Snow Phong Soul, ...
Collect wishes and redeem attractive gifts from Blade & Soul
Gamers need to complete the tasks in 3 Wishes to receive the gift exchange greetings
Besides, the re-export event of Giang Hotaking place from August 27 to September 12 is attracting a lot of attention from the Blade & Soul gaming community. In this event, after logging in you will see attractive combos for Newcomers and Re-Exporters such as: Newbie Birthday Package (FREE), Re-Export Birthday Package (FREE), Birthday Package Awakening (44,000 Diamonds), Awakening Birthday Package (44,000 Diamonds), Universal Birthday Pack (15,000 Diamonds). Specifically, the Beginner's Birthday package will be applied to the Garena account that creates the first character after August 1, 2021 and has completed the task scene 11 chapter 6. The Re-Export Birthday package applies to the account. Garena created her first character on September 2nd, 2017 and has reached lvl 60 rosem 18. Really, this is a great giveaway event that will only appear on this 4th birthday, so so ,
Newbie and Re-Export birthday packages with many attractive and high-value gifts
In addition to the in-game event, you can also participate in the Low-cost Cosplay event held on Blade & Soul's fanpage from August 27 to September 16 with a prize value of up to 200,000 Diamonds. To receive this "terrible" gift, each player will have to dress up as any character or content in the Blade & Soul game world in the most economical style. Then, take a photo and send it to the event page with Blade & Soul's 4-year-old birthday wishes for a chance to receive gifts and diamonds. The prize structure in this event includes:

+ 1 First Prize: 70,000 Diamonds, Party Costume, 4th Birthday T-shirt, Birthday Ceramic Cup, BNS Mask.
+ 1 Second Prize: 50,000 Diamonds, Party Costume, 4th Birthday T-shirt, Birthday Ceramic Cup, BNS Mask.
+ 1 Third Prize: 30,000 Diamonds, Party Costume, 4th Birthday T-shirt, Birthday Ceramic Cup, BNS Mask.
+ 1 Special Prize - Cosplay Queen: 30,000 Diamonds, 4th birthday T-shirt, Birthday porcelain mug, BNS mask.
+ 10 Consolation prizes: 20,000 Diamonds.
Join the cosplay event with 1-0-2 on Blade & Soul fanpage to receive attractive gifts
Along with the Lowcost Cosplay event, at the Garena Blade & Soul Vietnam fanpage, the event "Send good luck - receive instant gifts" from August 28 to September 2. Players just need to Like + Share the post with birthday wishes to Garena Blade & Soul Vietnam. Then, go back to commenting on the shared post image and tag 2 friends for a chance to win attractive gifts such as: gaming gear, 4th birthday t-shirt, 4th birthday porcelain mug and password Unique Blade & Soul page. Specifically, the prize structure will include:
+ 1 First Prize: 1 lucky player who completes all the steps will receive a Razer Keyboard, 4th birthday T-shirt, Birthday porcelain mug, BNS mask.
+ 1 Second Prize: 1 lucky player who completes all the steps will receive Razer Headphones, 4th Birthday T-shirt, Birthday Ceramic Cup, BNS Mask.
+ 1 Third Prize: 1 lucky player completes enough to receive Razer Gaming Mouse, 4th Birthday T-shirt, Birthday Ceramic Cup, BNS Mask.
+ 30 Consolation prizes for participants to receive 4-year-old birthday T-shirts, Birthday porcelain mugs, BNS masks.
Send Blade & Soul birthday wishes to 4 years old on fanpage, receive attractive gifts immediately
Birthdays are definitely indispensable for blowing out candles, right? Therefore, Blade & Soul is also holding the event "Blow out the birthday candles" taking place from August 29 to September 9. The rules of participation are very simple, players only need to complete all the challenges suggested in the Candle Collection section to receive the Birthday Candle. Then, every time you blow out the Candle, you are sure to get 1 gift at Birthday Rewards or Special Rewards. If lucky, the Martial Artists also have the opportunity to receive gifts from both Birthday Rewards and Special Rewards.
Join the Birthday Candle Blowing event to receive a huge gift of up to 1,000,000 diamonds
The birthday bonus will be per-player exclusive and unlimited. The special reward is a reward for the whole server, the whole server will receive a maximum of 1,000,000 Diamonds during the event period.
The rewards gamers can receive when participating in the Birthday Candle Blowing event
On September 1 - September 3, on the event fanpage, a minigame "Guess the picture - Get a gift" was opened . The organizers of the program will show an image of an outfit or faction, the character in the game Blade & Soul is blacked out for players to guess and receive gifts. There will be 20 luckiest people who will have the opportunity to receive 20 gifts including: T-shirts, porcelain mugs, and exclusive masks from Blade & Soul. Quickly guess the correct picture to receive these special gifts with 1-0-2!
Attractive gifts will be given by Blade & Soul Vietnam to the lucky Vo Hiep participating in the Minigame Guess the picture - Receive gifts on the event fanpage

To end this series of extremely monumental 4-year-old birthday events, Blade & Soul also opened a "Miracle Birthday" event that took place from September 2 to September 11. To receive gifts in this event, players only need to log in and receive 7 cards from 7 players in 7 days to complete the task.
Balde & Soul magical birthday brings thousands of attractive gifts
It can be seen that Blade & Soul's 4-year-old birthday events give players great gifts, but the way to participate is extremely simple. This is really an opportunity for gamers to collect more diamonds, new skins and equipment in the game. Log in quickly and discover exciting birthday events right now!
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