The new iPad mini 6 will be equipped with 4GB of RAM, an increase of 1GB of RAM compared to the iPad mini 5

Recently, Apple has officially launched a new redesigned iPad mini 6 model with a slimmer, square screen border similar to the current iPad Air 4, in addition to being equipped with a Touch ID power button, a USB port- C, compatibility with Apple Pencil 2. Make iPad mini 6 become the focus of users' attention more than the newly launched iPhone 13 Series.

The new iPad mini 6 is equipped with the same A15 Bionic chip as the iPhone 13 models, so many people have been extremely curious about the actual amount of RAM that this iPad mini model has. However, Apple often does not disclose the amount of RAM in new iPhones and iPads when they are released, causing a lot of curiosity among users. Fortunately, MacRumors has learned almost exactly how much RAM is available on the iPad mini 6.

Specifically, based on information obtained from Xcode 13 beta, MacRumors news site confirmed that the new iPad mini has 4GB of RAM, up from 3GB of RAM on the previous iPad mini 5 generation. Meanwhile, the iPad Gen 9 unveiled at the California Streaming event will still be equipped with only 3GB of RAM similar to the iPad Gen 8. Xcode last year also revealed the exact amount of RAM in the iPhone 12 Series and generations. iPhone before so we can trust 99% of this information.
Thus, the 4GB RAM capacity on the iPad mini 6 will be similar to last year's iPad Air 4, but much less than the iPad Pro M1 equipped with up to 16GB of RAM. However, the actual performance is completely different, although equipped with 4GB of RAM, it is more than enough for iPad users because iPad OS is so optimized for multitasking, it is equivalent to 8GB of RAM on Android.
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