'Prison Break': Firefox successfully broke through the barrier, getting rid of Microsoft's browser control

Mozilla has recently quietly made the switch to Firefox on Windows easier. Although Microsoft provides a method to switch default browsers on Windows 10, except for switching to Edge, switching to other browsers is not easy. This fast one-click browser switch is only available for Microsoft, and Mozilla seems to have grown tired of this pinched situation.

In version 91 of Firefox, Mozilla reverse-engineered the way Microsoft made Edge the default in Windows 10 and allowed Firefox to quickly set itself as the default. Prior to this change, Firefox users would need to go to Windows 10's Settings, then have to select Firefox as the default browser and ignore Microsoft's "advice" to keep Edge.
Firefox has changed the default browser quickly with 1 click
Mozilla's reverse engineering makes it possible to set Firefox as default from within the browser interface and it will do all the work on its own. This bypasses Microsoft's anti-intrusion protections, which the company has built into Windows 10, to ensure malware can't hijack default apps. Microsoft says this action by Mozilla is not supported in Windows.

Mozilla has clearly grown tired of Windows' complicated default browser setup, a process that Microsoft is making even more difficult in Windows 11. “Every user has the right to simply set defaults and easy ,” said a Mozilla spokesperson.
Changing browsers is very difficult on WINdows 11
“All operating systems must provide developer support for transitioning the default state so that anyone can easily set their favorite app as the default. Since that didn't happen on Windows 10 and 11, Firefox relies on other aspects of the Windows environment, to give people an experience similar to what Windows offers Edge when users choose Firefox as their browser. their default browser. "

Mozilla has been trying to convince Microsoft to improve the default browser setting process in Windows since an open letter to Microsoft in 2015. However, nothing has changed and Windows 11 has made it even more difficult. . That seems to be the last straw, Mozilla will also start rolling out changes to Firefox as soon as Windows 11 launches in June.

So far, Google, Vivaldi, Opera, and other Chromium-based browsers have yet to act as aggressively as Firefox, though all are not pleased, and it's unclear exactly how Microsoft will respond. Microsoft has a number of reasons related to protecting computers from malware with anti-hijacking, but by just allowing Edge to easily switch default settings, they have weakened developers. offers browser rivals who simply want a level playing field. Windows 11 makes that playing field more complicated, and competitors aren't happy.
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