The US House of Representatives does not know who the current CEO of Yahoo is, sent the wrong email to the person who resigned 4 years ago

In June of this year, the US House of Representatives approved a plan to create a "Congressional Special Investigative Committee" made up of Democrats to investigate the "Capital Riots" incident that took place on January 6. at the beginning of the year. The commission asked 35 telecommunications and social media companies to keep phone records and data of a number of individuals, including members of the Trump family and those accused of involvement in the meeting. violence.

In response, 11 Republican members of the US House of Representatives recently sent warning letters to 13 US tech giants, including the likes of Yahoo, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, AT&T, Verizon ... Its content reminds these companies not to provide private information to the investigative committee. Republican lawmakers believe this would violate federal law and would place every American in possession of a cell phone or computer under Democratic control.
Marissa Mayer has stepped down as CEO of Yahoo since 2017.
But, it is worth mentioning that the warning letter sent to Yahoo was mistakenly sent by members of the US House of Representatives to Marissa Mayer, the company's former CEO, who resigned four years ago.

In July 2012, Meyer became CEO of Yahoo, but she left in 2017. But in the warning letter, the US House of Representatives still referred to Meyer as "Yahoo Chairman and CEO. "
Test sent by mistake by members of the US House of Representatives.
Members of the US House of Representatives did not remember that Yahoo was acquired by Verizon in 2017 and then merged with AOL to form a new company called Oath, led by Guru Gowrappan as CEO. Later, Oath changed its name to "Verizon Media". Earlier this year, it was sold to Apollo Global Management, a private equity firm, whose CEO position remains Guru Gowrappan.
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