The first look at the game Elden Ring: is Dark Souls, but the world is as big and free as Zelda: Breath of the Wild

At first glance, Elden Ring feels like a Super Dark Souls, a sequel to a series of super picky players, when converging all the elements that make Dark Souls good: a vast fantasy world of witchcraft. and swordsmanship. However, the open world of Elden Ring gives players elements that the Souls-like series - games with the style and gameplay of Dark Souls - never possessed.

According to Polygon , this fantasy world is so large that … developer FromSoftware has provided players with a map and tool that has never appeared in any Souls-like game directed by developer Hidetaka Miyazaki. .

Previously, Dark Souls, Bloodborne or Sekiro all required players to remember their own way back when exploring every corner of the castle and catacombs. But in The Lands Between, where the story of Elden Ring takes place, players can mark points of interest on the map as well as receive instructions on what to do next.
When adventuring further, Ue Nhan - the character that the player will play - will encounter a dark dungeon, a giant fortress or a dragon swooping down from above to attack both humans and horses. “ We wanted Lands Between to be full of dangers and things for you to explore ,” said producer Yasuhiro Kitao from FromSoftware. Kitao asserts that Elden Ring's vast open world "is not just about trying to make the game bigger ".

In the video sent to Polygon, FromSoftware shows different scenes in the mysterious Lands Between: cold plains, late autumn old forests, dark cities deep in water or swamps slowly swallowing the landscape.

Yasuhiro Kitao said that players will experience a variety of locations to explore. Lands Between is full of caves, cemeteries, catacombs and they are all hand crafted, not randomly generated algorithmically generated challenges. Scattered in it are dark tunnels illuminated by torches, deadly traps, precious treasures and hideous sub-bosses.
Ui Nhan will also face familiar Souls-like enemies, monstrous beasts and knights armored from head to toe. The terrifying monster design is still appreciated, when in the Elden Ring there are enemies with dozens of hands and using dozens of weapons. There is a boss that appears as a giant bird with swords instead of claws, it can use both beaks to attack and claws to slash, and throw explosive barrels at the player.

Along with Ui Nhan are many different fighting techniques: melee weapons (with each weapon for different playstyles), bows and arrows laced with sleeping pills, spells to cast, and stealthy actions. to avoid direct confrontation with the enemy.

Not only summoning horses to ride, players can summon up to two players on the Internet to help them through the difficult level. Besides, Ui Nhan can also call AI-controlled allies. Yasuhiro Kitao describes three types of such summons: one that has a lot of tank health, one that carries a lot of attack power, and another that is a swarm of monsters that can be summoned from the ashes of defeated enemies.
Moving in the world is also different from FromSoftware's other Souls-like games. Besides Spirit Steed with the ability to double jump or fly up steep cliffs, the main character of Elden Ring can now jump. Just like the Wolf in Sekiro, the Impure can jump to his heart's content, and fly down from above without fear of blood loss.

In a game called Stormwind Castle, the Polygon news site was shown a scene where the Unlucky Man approached the castle gate and was told by a friendly character not to go through the main gate, but to bypass a hidden passage. The player refuses to listen, opens the main portal and is immediately greeted by… a series of arrows. Back at the gate, easier to find the way back, the Polygon reporter saw that Ui Nhan had to jump more to cross the road, stealthily kill many guards and face a few fully armored enemies. Deep in the lobby is a troll demon guarding; If you choose the direct route, the player will face the demon, but when choosing the stealth route, Ui Nhan shoots a sleeping arrow at the demon and quickly overcomes it.

In another area, the player encounters a convoy of treasure trucks moving in the night. Ui Nhan hid in the tall grass waiting for his time, shot an arrow laced with sleeping pills at the guard and stealthily defeated him. The guards sensed the player's presence, alerted the guards, and drew a magic-enchanted blade to attack. Ui Nhan quickly defeated the soldier and took the spoils. As more guards rush in, Ui Nhan summons a soul from the ashes of a defeated enemy, sending the ghost and enemy into the fray. This is a scene that has never been seen in FromSoftware games before: the player, the "self-summoning" and the enemy rush to the death.
The core combat mechanism will still be familiar to those who used to play FromSoftware's Souls-like series, which is slow and calculated, but Elden Ring still has a much higher combat speed when inheriting the smoothness. by Bloodborne or Sekiro.

Players can quickly dash to dodge attacks while dealing damage. Kitao said that there is a new game mechanic called Guard Counter, which allows players to immediately cast a move when successfully parried. Guard Counter will be a different mechanism from the classic parry (parrying, is when deploying to block at the right time when the enemy weapon approaches the body of the Undead).

Elden Ring will still maintain the features that have appeared in previous FromSoftware products: instantaneous travel through rest points (this time the famous "campfire" has been renamed Site of Lost Light - roughly translated: That Quang Trai), a young girl named Melina will help Ue Nhan level up and learn new skills), a "common living" area for players, friends, allies to exchange, and Fragments here and there of the world that gamers will have to put together into a panorama.

FromSoftware asserts that Elden Ring will still be " a good and classic role-playing game ".

Elden Ring will launch on January 21, 2022 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.
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