Experience the demo of the horror game Than Trung: Good picture, good sound, effective scare, but the gameplay is nothing special

First revealed in the middle of March 2021, Than Trung (DUT Studio) was quickly noticed by the Vietnamese gaming community. These are a few Vietnamese titles in the horror genre with spiritual themes, revolving around the phenomenon of interment and interment.

Originally expected to be officially launched in the fourth quarter of 2021, the demo (test) of Than Trung suddenly appeared on Steam on the evening of August 26. With an installation capacity of about 2.25GB, players can now download this demo for free.

According to a representative of DUT Studio, the demo of Than Trung will allow players to experience a level at the beginning of the game, with the context based on the trailer released in March this year. On this occasion, the writer had the first experience with the demo of Than Chong.
Than Trung takes the topic of spirituality, revolving around the phenomenon of inter-burial funerals.

The picture is okay - the sound is pretty good, the horror quality is out

With any horror game, especially AAA projects, the picture - sound always plays a particularly important role. The more realistic the image and sound, the easier it is for players to immerse themselves in the game. From there, manufacturers also easily deployed horror "pieces" to scare players.

For Than Trung alone, the image in Than Trung's demo is at an acceptable level. Accordingly, the lighting effects - shading and film grain are fully used by DUT Studio in the reproduction. Realistic flickering, dark scenes typical of horror games with spooky themes.

Like the trailer released before, players have witnessed with their own eyes very 'pure Vietnamese' details such as the flower brick background, the 'tiger cage' on the balcony of an old dormitory, the signboard and the poster. Posters are located next to a small alley, a window frame or even an altar, a coffin. The detail of the texture is at a good level.
Than Trung is developed on the Unity platform - an engine that is not the top in terms of graphics power
Unlike the graphics, the sound of Than Chong has a significantly better performance. Most of the sound effects are reproduced quite realistically and reasonably used. For example, the sounds of the surrounding environment such as running water, falling rain, thunder are used quite well as a background' and "create mood" for the quiet and scary atmosphere in the game.

In particular, in dramatic scenes, effects such as the strong slam of the door, the hum of the noisy radio station, the knocking of the muffler chanting or the ghostly howling and screaming sounds suddenly resounded. I was surprised to write.

Of course, for hardcore gamers, the graphic and sound elements of Than Trung still have a lot of minus points. For example, the character's movement (animation) in the first-person perspective is stiff and unreal, while the voice acting (in Vietnamese) is still quite amateur. This is also an inherent weakness that is difficult to overcome by studios that are both inexperienced and lack funding like DUT Studio.

"Jump scare" is effective but the gameplay is nothing special

Contrary to the expectations of many players, Than Chong does not have any of the action or survival elements commonly found in many horror games, at least in the newly released demo.

Specifically, there won't be any dramatic shooting scenes…with ghosts, or the scene where the main character runs away like being chased by a ghost (!) in the demo. Instead, the game focuses more on the elements of puzzle, pathfinding, exploration - as the Steam description of Than Chong is 'waking simulator'.
The game focuses on the elements of puzzle, finding the way and exploring the level to 'pass the card'
Through the initial experience in the demo, it can be seen that the gameplay of Than Chong is quite simple, if not nothing special or different from other games of the same genre. Accordingly, the main task of the player can be encapsulated in finding and using the necessary objects so that the game can progress to the next details. However, the objects themselves are hidden quite carefully, with a bold 'puzzle' character, making the writer himself quite difficult in the process of navigating and finding and deducing how to use these objects.

Of course, it would be a big mistake not to mention the scary factor - the factor that determines the success or failure of the horror game genre. In this regard, Than Chong did quite well in the 15-minute demo. For example, most of the classic jump scares such as the sudden appearance of ghosts are arranged and effectively used by NSX, enough to startle players. In the opposite direction, there are still a few jump scare scenes that are still not staged 'smoothly' in terms of the script, creating a reverse effect that is ... funny, instead of scary.
The demo of Than Trung also incorporates a rather difficult puzzle, used to unlock an easter egg exclusively for Team Dut fans.


Overall, it's still too early to give a full review of Than Chong, as this is only a short demo and the game is still in development. According to the expected schedule, gamers will have to wait a few more months before Than Trung officially launches the official version. From now until the time it hits the shelves, whether DUT Studio has any 'pieces' that haven't been released yet, let's wait and see!
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