Spending hundreds of millions of dollars to buy exclusive games, Epic only recovered with only one game

From the information extracted from the lawsuit document between Epic Games and Apple, we know something quite … obvious: Epic is a rich company, ready to spend billions of dollars to invest in the future. However, like many ambitious plans, the first steps often bring many obstacles.

Among the documents to be published by Simon Carles s, founder and editor for the aggregator of news and data GameDiscoverCo we see Epic only payback is a unique game in the first purchase of the game's release first monopoly. In the document photo, the "game name" and "development studio" columns are hidden, but based on the release date, we can guess which game it is.

Comparing the two figures, the most accurate guess will be the game Satisfactory released on March 19, 2019. The amount Epic spent to exclusively release Satisfactory on the Epic Games Store platform was $11.5 million (and brought in $11.6 million in revenue as of press time).

Although the number is large, it is still only an "iron hunter" in the list of blockbusters Epic has bought.
Invested approximately 130 million USD, but only recovered about 35-45%.

A Redditor has compiled a list of games released around the time of the deficit with the games released on the same day in reality. The list below may be wrong in some places, because many games are released on the same day, others have actual release dates that do not match the document.

Of these names, Satisfactory is most likely to be right because we still know that game sales are quite good when sold on the Epic Games Store platform.

Another notable point is that in the internal presentation slide given in August 2019, titled "Lessons learned", we see Epic personnel asserting: " Games with good metrics most are online co-op games and construction/creation games… Indie games are having a lot of problems .”

Looking into the near future, the payback of most games that Epic has acquired is also relatively low. Only two names, Satisfactory and Dauntless, have the potential to break even between now and when Epic's license expires to sell these games.
The Redditor compared the actual game release date and the release date column in Epic's document, pointing out potential names.

Epic still has enough money to withstand these losses, they continue to plan to buy the game and release it exclusively in a short time. However, the deep losses will leave a scar for Epic.

According to the document, a game released on June 15, 2019 was purchased for $ 14 million (most likely Journey) for only $ 300,000 for Epic, which is expected to recover only 6% of the purchase cost. from now until Journey is no longer for sale.

There is another scar called Metro Exodus (which is the top game on both lists), which was bought and released exclusively by Epic for $ 37 million, but left Epic with a deficit of more than $ 22 million. Looking at the events that have happened, this number should not come as a surprise.

Metro Exodus is one of the first games that Epic bought for an exclusive release on the Epic Games Store. Moreover, this information comes only a few weeks before the game's official launch date, causing the wave of Epic's game store boycott to hit the shore strongly. Epic itself admits it was the wrong move.

Epic declined to comment on the newly emerged documents.
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